Marilinda Garcia: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45






State Representative Marilinda Garcia (R-NH), 29, is seeking re-election to her fourth term, but is devoting most of her time to Young Americans for Romney and the campaign’s Hispanic outreach efforts. She is an honors graduate of Tufts University and has a Master’s from Harvard.
Garcia has traveled and played with a world-famous orchestra, and serves as an adjunct professor at a local college and at Phillips Exeter Academy. Two of her initiatives to cut regulations and assist entrepreneurs have already been enacted into law.
She says “President Obama does not seem to understand the core of America’s success or how to protect it. Never mind his failed legacy of economic indicators such as 43 straight months of unemployment over 8%, a budget that would require $1.9 trillion in new taxes, and no effort to reform unsustainable entitlements. Moreover, I’m afraid I have become bitter in realizing our President is antagonistic to the very essence of the American way and insulting to our collective experience.
“Obama demeans our American dreamers, our small business owners, like my father, telling them ‘they didn’t build that.’ He condescends to those like my uncle, proud of his military service and protective of 2nd amendment rights, and my mother who supports charity endeavors due to her strong faith because they ‘cling to guns and religion.’
“He panders to foreign political foes and insults allies by offhandedly assuring ‘more flexibility after my re-election.’ He negates the economic recovery work of state officials by crushing them with unaffordable new mandates.
“He lies that with Obamacare ‘the middle-class won’t see their taxes increase by a single dime.’ The American way is no longer recognizable. . .
“We deserve better. Please just leave us alone, President Obama. We know how to fix this without your kind of leadership, and will show you how when we elect Mitt Romney. And, yes, we can.”
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Michelle Ugenti: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45


Congratulations to State Rep. Michelle Ugenti (R-AZ) who won her primary last night. This seat was changed by redistricting and the Arizona Republic described the primary as “one of the hottest contests of the year.” However, Ugenti won easily.
Redistricting ended the career of Rep. Ben Quayle and former State Senate President Russell Pearce last night. Pearce was the author of Arizona’s tough anti-immigration bill, and left office after losing a recall election last November.
Ugenti is married and the mother of three children. When asked why she has been so politically active, Ugenti responded “I just don’t want to be part of an entitlement nation. I don’t like the ‘nanny state’-style managing of government that is being pushed on us by the Obama administration. I am a clear voice against that.” . .
“Without a balanced budget, without matching our revenue to our expenditures, there’s just no way Arizona can function as a thriving, productive state.”
She is proud of Arizona’s balanced budget and was the author of a bill that passed and became law. It was recognized as the one of the top ten pro-business bills by the National Federation of Independent of Business. The Ugenti bill stipulated that the state cannot accept federal funds if, as a condition, preference is given to hiring union labor.
She is Chairman of the important Government Committee, and also serves as Chairman of the Sub-Appropriations Committee. In both posts she spends countless hours helping draft the framework for the current budget, and future budgets.
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Dixie Kolditz: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Dixie Kolditz is the Republican nominee in Washington’s 19th District for the state House of Representatives. She is challenging incumbent liberal State Rep. Dean Takko (D).
Kolditz, 37, was raised in a segregated black township in Johannesburg, South Africa during the apartheid era. She was an active part of the Free South Africa movement and voted in the nation’s first democratic election. She clearly knows the value and cost of freedom.
She finished college in Johannesburg, and in 1995 while working as a reporter, she won a journalism scholarship from the Scripps-Howard news service for graduate study in the United States. In America she met and married her husband Ross.
He is a Southwest Washington native, and today she is the mother of seven children. In 2004, after a 7-year process, she became a U.S. citizen. Dixie and her husband own a company which provides residential care to people with disabilities, and they have over 150 employees.
She repeatedly said government should “ease up control. Let businesses do what they do best. Let them fail, which is the way for them to learn.” The GOP took control of the U.S. House in January 2011, and the next month Dixie was asked to testify before the Small Business Committee. She spoke of the the negative impact of government regulations on small businesses.
She is running because of the Democrat’s inability to create a sound fiscal budget, their repeal of voter-approved initiatives to control taxes, their failure to address education reform, and the lack of leadership on job creation and regulatory relief.
A frequently asked question is how can she be a Republican after former President Ronald Reagan vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Act in 1986. Reagan’s action was overridden by Congress, but the late President was not against sanctions on South Africa. He promised an executive order imposing new sanctions.
He said an executive order could “directed at the enforcers, not the victims of apartheid.” What he proposed was what the European Union was doing. Congress did not agree. If Reagan had won, American business would have been allowed to invest in black owned firms. Reagan’s argument was that it was not moral to impose hunger and hardship.
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Martha Roby: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Representative Martha Roby (R-AL), 35, is serving her first term in the U.S. Congress. She is a graduate of New York University, an attorney, and served seven years on the Montgomery City Council. In 2010 she defeated Congressman Bobby Bright (D).
She is the mother of two children, a member of the Armed Services Committee, and has a strong pro-defense voting record.  The Congresswoman is a major booster of the Ryan Plan to cut the deficit by $6.2 trillion, but she is concerned about unwise reductions at the Pentagon.
She says “It’s disheartening to think that the greatest threat to the future of our force is not some foreign foe, but rather the U.S. Congress.
“That is because sequestration looms. Absent congressional action, automatic defense cuts will reduce the defense budget by an additional $500 billion on top of the $487 billion already being implemented. In total, nearly $1 trillion will be cut.” Roby emphasizes that the growth of federal spending is because of entitlement programs, not the Defense Department. Despite her freshman status, Roby has already been tapped several times to speak on behalf of the Republican Caucus. A feature story in the Montgomery Advertiser described her as “solidly conservative”. She is best known as the author of the Honest Budget Act which is “designed to root out the budget gimmicks most commonly used by politicians to hide the truth, confuse the public, and run up the national debt.”
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Kate Gregg Larkin: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Kate Gregg Larkin, 31, of Manhattan Beach, an attorney, is the Chairman of California Trailblazers. Her appointment in November 2011 was announced by Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA), the House Republican Whip.
McCarthy said “Just as we did with our Young Guns program, California Trailblazers is training candidates so they can bring fiscal discipline and government accountability back to Sacramento. Kate is ensuring that the most qualified Republican candidates work their way through the program so they are ready to win in November and lead on day one.”
The program is modeled on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns” program, also co-founded by McCarthy, which recruits and supports House candidates across the nation. As candidates meet metrics specifically designed for their race, they will advance to “Pathfinder,” “Rising Star,” and ultimately “Trailblazer.” These goals will focus on campaign infrastructure, grassroots support, fundraising, and more.
Larkin has an extensive political and nonprofit background, and helped launch a social marketing company. She has been successful in candidate recruitment and engaging young professionals in charitable giving.
She spent five years on Capitol Hill working for the House Budget Committee and the Committee on Government Reform.
She was also an intern in the Bush White House, a Legislative Correspondent for Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) and a Legislative Assistant for Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX).
Larkin graduated magna cum laude from Duke University, and earned her J.D. from UCLA.
Before college, she trained and performed with the Washington Ballet. She has also worked as a political fundraiser, helping raise millions of dollars for GOP House, Senate and Presidential candidates.
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Megan Hutto: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Megan Hutto

Megan Hutto is the mother of two children and a candidate for the Lexington (SC) County Council. The county is experiencing phenomenal expansion and is one of the fastest growing areas of the nation.
As Hutto emphasizes, the growth is not a coincidence and is due to a pro-business outlook. The county is aggressive in recruiting employers, and several have been offered free land and other services in exchange for jobs.
Last year over 2000 new “good jobs at good wages” were threatened when Amazon announced the cancellation of a planned distribution center. The action came after the South Carolina House of Representatives rejected a promised sales tax exemption. Amazon said the exemption was one of the main reasons they had selected the state.
Hutto never thought of running for public office but was disappointed when many officials in county and state government appeared unconcerned about the potential job loss.
Lexington citizens responding by mounting a massive lobbying campaign. They wore “Amazon Yes” tee-shirts and turned out in large numbers. They said Amazon operates on a global scale, and whether they are located in South Carolina or another state, the company would still have the same business. They said Amazon should not be compared to a local retail business.
Their arguments were persuasive and the General Assembly reversed itself, and Amazon expanded its Lexington plans. Michelin added to the celebration by hiring another 500 workers.
The Amazon experience surprised many political experts and inspired Hutto. She is running to “present fresh, innovative ideas for economic growth without raising taxes.”
Hutto grew up in Lexington, graduated from the University of South Carolina, and obtained her real estate license at just 18.
She has never been a politician but has a resume with diverse experience, and says “I have always been an integral part of my family business.
“I have been an entrepreneur and my many occupational titles have included metal recycling, restaurants, real estate agent, residential builder, general commercial contractor, and property management. . .
“Lexington attracts investors and corporations that create jobs because we are a low tax county with an educated and motivated work-force, multiple interstates and competitive prices for property. I pledge to keep the focus on economic development and job creation. We must continue to aggressively recruit good businesses.”
The Amazon campaign demonstrated the power of citizen action and the past few months have been surprising, “I am really enjoying the campaign trail. It’s been a while since I’ve met so many new faces!”
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Lauren Cheape: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Lauren Cheape

Lauren Cheape, 24, is the Republican nominee in Hawaii’s open House District 45. She was Miss Hawaii 2011 in the Miss America pageant where she won the talent competition. Her family came to Hawaii in 1859, and she is part of the 6th generation to be raised in the islands. Cheape is a graduate of the University of Hawaii where she was a four year Division I scholar-athlete. She was on the Dean’s List and is fluent in Japanese.
After the election she will be pursuing an MBA degree. She was a finalist for the Miss America Community Service Award. She also won an award from Children’s Hospital for raising the most money in the state. Lauren’s family farm dates back to the 19th century, and includes over 11,000 chickens. When Cheape says “You are a good egg,” it means she likes you. The district is in the farm belt and her grandmother was the first woman to serve as the state’s Director of Agriculture.
Her slogan is “Take the Leap, Vote for Cheape.” It does require taking a leap to support Hawaii Republicans. The GOP holds only 8 of the 51 seats in the Hawaii House, and this is expected to be one of Obama’s best states. Her election is important because one party rule is ruining Hawaii. Democrats are so generous to public employees that they are given three months time off with pay every year. Labor costs make up 70% of the state budget.
In 2010, Democrats promised not to raise taxes or state spending, but both pledges were immediately broken with large increases. Last year the credit agency Moody’s downgraded Hawaii’s bonds because of the Democrats continued reckless fiscal behavior. The downgrade means higher interest rates and borrowing costs. This will be a difficult race but Cheape is a hard worker. She is only 5’2” and because of her height she was discouraged in entering the Miss Hawaii pageant. Most of the contestants were at least six inches taller. Lauren won in a landslide.
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