Our Republican of The Day is Sondra Goddard Zackey


Our Republican of the day is Sondra Goddard Zackey, 49, who lives near Steubenville. She appreciates the beauty of rural Ohio, and is encouraged by the huge crowds turning out for Romney in this key battleground state. She says “The White House is describing Joe ‘Smirky Malarky’ Biden’s debate performance as great. They call him their ‘Happy Warrior!’
“As a parent teaching my children good manners, he’s the poster boy for how not to act. He was worse than a petulant child. When I taught pre-school I encountered several rude children who acted like him.”  Sondra has an MA in English and is also a graduate of the Defense Language Institute. For 12 years she served as an Arabic Linguist for the U.S. Army.
She considers job creation a top issue and says “One of our local power plants has fallen victim to the Obama Administration’s war on coal burning power plants. 600 more jobs will be lost in an area that can ill afford it.”
She is the mother of two daughters and says “Having kids really changed my perspective on life. The older I get the more conservative I become.”

Remembering The Battle of Okinawa



THE GREATEST GENERATION: Our person of the day is Susan Kay Moses who spent the weekend in Norfolk, Virginia with her mother. They participated in the reunion of her dad’s WW II Navy ship, LST 621 (a tank landing ship). It was attended by the remaining shipmates and families.
Practically the entire 124 man crew are now serving in Heaven.
There are only nine survivors. The ship was commissioned in Chicago on June 21, 1944 and participated in the battle of Okinawa in April through June 1945. It was the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific War.
The 82-day-long battle resulted in the highest number of casualties in the Pacific Theater. Japan lost over 100,000 soldiers, and the Allies suffered more than 65,000 casualties. In 1995, the Okinawa government erected a memorial named Cornerstone of Peace on the site of the last battle area. The memorial lists all the known names of those who died, civilian and military, Japanese and foreign. It contains 240,734 names.

Melanie Jones of Atlanta, Georgia



Our quote of the day is from Melanie Jones of Atlanta, Georgia. She believes it is “cool to be conservative,” and is a vigorous Romney supporter. Melanie has not hesitated to express the many reasons she is backing the apparent GOP nominee.
She is now in Panama City, Florida and the constant debates with Obama zoombies may be getting to her. This afternoon she said: “If you are a liberal or a Democrat, do me a favor and unfriend me. My page is for patriots only. I need room on my friends list for people who love America, and do not want to see our nation economically destroyed.
“I am out of patience with debating Obamatons. After three and half years Obama has no track record of success. He just wants to shift the blame.”

Pedro Rios: A GOP Rising Star in California’s Central Valley



In the rankings posted today, the liberal website Daily Kos predicts Pedro Rios (R) will win an open seat for the California State Assembly. Democrats are especially unpopular in the Central Valley because of stringent regulations which have restricted the water supply. The Daily Kos says it will be very difficult for a Democrat to overcome Rios’ 60 to 40 advantage.
This is a 69% Hispanic district and there are currently no Latino Republicans in the state legislature.
In 2010, the main accusation of Valley Democrats was that Republicans were anti-immigrant. They will have a hard time making that case against this year’s GOP nominee. Rios was born in Mexico and immigrated when he was nine years old. He has lived in Delano for the last 25 years.
Rios understands agriculture because along with his family, he’s picked grapes, pruned almonds, and cultivated tomatoes, squash, bell peppers and green peas. He graduated from California State University at Bakersfield, joined the Army National Guard, and was awarded the Army Achievement Medal.
From personal experience he knew his business idea would be a success, and he was correct. He established Rios Portable Toilets to provide restroom facilities for agricultural workers.
In 2000, he was elected to the Delano City Council (population 53,000), and went on to serve as Vice Mayor and Mayor. Delano is best known as the birthplace of the United Farm Workers, and it is still closely identified with the late labor leader Cesar Chavez. Chavez was a liberal on all fiscal issues but his union strongly advocated restricting immigration.
Rios has gone from farm worker to farm owner. He says “The American dream is still alive, but it is being hampered by the heavy hand of government, taxes and regulation. The once great state of California has been driven to the brink of failure.
“Businesses are leaving in droves and taxes are being raised. Higher taxes are not the answer. We must focus on decreasing the size and scope of government. Spending cuts should be made across the board. I do not support any new taxes, and I do not support Governor Brown’s tax proposal.”
He also has a strong anti-Obama message. The administration has had a major role in restricting water to the Central Valley and Rios says “We need water, not a $100 billion train. Water is the life-blood of our families’ future. It will be my number one job.”

State Representative Debra Young Maggart (R-TN)

Our Republican of the day is State Representative Debra Young Maggart (R-TN), the Chairman of the House Majority Caucus. She previously served as the Republican Whip.
In 2011, for the first time in Tennessee history, conservatives controlled the Governorship and both chambers of the General Assembly. She was immediately elected by her colleagues, and Maggart, 52, wasted no time in implementing an ambitious reform agenda.

As Caucus Chairman, her remarkable record of accomplishment includes:
* The elimination of the death tax;
* The repeal of the gift tax;
* A commitment to a forever ban on a state income tax;
* A voter photo ID requirement that protects elections from fraud;
* A crackdown on violent sex offenders;
* Tort reforms so businesses can operate on a level playing field;
* As well as passage of two balanced budgets.
Dr. Art Laffer, the father of supply-side economics, now lives in Nashville, and describes Maggart as a “proven fighter for pro-growth economic policies. While Washington continually eschews its fiscal responsibilities, Tennessee has become a model for how government should conduct itself. Coupled with Tennessee’s right to work status, her initiatives are making the state one of the nation’s premier locations for new jobs.
“Tennesseans owe a debt of gratitude to Debra Maggart for these victories, and she has helped advanced the cause of economic freedom to lengths unseen in the modern era.”
She was first elected in 2004 and was among the few legislators who endorsed Romney last year. Maggart, a grandmother and Rolling Stones fan, resides in Hendersonville. Her interest in politics dates back to childhood. She grew up in Governor A.H. Roberts’ home. He was responsible for calling the special session in which Tennessee voted to ratify the U.S. Constitution to give women the right to vote.



Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to Jennifer and Tagg Romney


Happy 20th wedding anniversary to Jennifer and Tagg Romney. They live in the Boston suburb of Belmont, and have three children. He is the oldest of five brothers and has an MBA from Harvard.
Tagg was previously the head of marketing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and is now a partner in the private equity firm Solamere Capital.
Tagg has an entertaining blog, the couple has traveled extensively in the United States during the past year, and his father and grandparents were involved in politics.

Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary to Gary and Debbie Doan of Cedar Hill, Texas


Happy 43rd wedding anniversary to Gary and Debbie Doan of Cedar Hill, Texas. Gary is a Vietnam veteran and the couple is shown in 2010 at Ft. Riley, Kansas when their son Nathan returned from Iraq. He is part of the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, which participated in the Surge.
Debbie says “It hardly seems possible it has been 43 years, yet hard to believe it isn’t more. I thank God for every day we are together. I am praying there will be many more years to come.”