Kristen Soltis: 2011 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Kristen Soltis, 28, is Director of Policy Research for the GOP polling firm, The Winston Group, where she advises campaigns and corporate clients on strategy and message development. She is active in numerous House and Senate races, and the paintings in her office are of Margaret Thatcher and Jeb Bush (he appointed her to a gubernatorial commission).
She is a regular panelist on CNN International, and her numerous articles have been published in, National Review, The New York Times, The Washington Examiner and The Orlando Sentinel.
Soltis received her MA in Government from Johns Hopkins University in 2009, and did additional graduate work at Yale. She graduated summa cum laude from JHU, and received the award for best thesis. Her topic was on how the GOP could win back young voters, and it has been widely praised by the party’s senior echelon.
Many of her recommendations are now being implemented, and the thesis was written when Obama was winning 68% of the youth vote. She was still a student when The Atlantic magazine featured her work.
Soltis is a conservative who has a lot to say about every issue. She has posted over 7,500 messages on Twitter at KLSoltis.
In addition to working full time and going to school, Soltis had an exciting part time job from 2007 to 2009. She was lead singer with “The Frustrations” rock band. They received excellent reviews but broke up when several members entered law school. “Rolling Stone” described her as “a strong frontwoman belting it out in her signature red dress.” Her music videos are still popular at Young Republican events.
She enjoys survey research because “it makes you think strategically,” and she commented on the industry’s future: “I think polling is going to become less about asking people what they think and more about analyzing data that is already out there. Response rates are getting lower and lower as people screen calls from pollsters and move away from landlines.
“Meanwhile, people are more open than ever about their views, desires and beliefs. Individuals reveal preferences in places like Facebook and Twitter; large groups reveal information through web traffic and search data. I really think analytics are where polling is going to move in the future.”
Soltis grew up in Orlando and her summer jobs were at Disney World where she was the actress who drove the tram on the King Kong ride. She was a National Merit Scholar and a Massey Presidential Scholar at the University of Florida, where she was the president of her sorority and a member of the student senate.
She was inspired to learn Russian by Condoleezza Rice, and her major focus is on foreign policy and national security issues. She claims an addiction to Ruffles potato chips but she is still a size zero.
Soltis is now expanding her thesis into a book, and recently announced her engagement to co-worker Chris Anderson. He says “We get paid for providing common sense. Which is odd, since I don’t have any.” In addition to a family, her goal is to be the GOP’s major pollster. Watch out Scott Rasmussen!
You can read more about the contest rules and background at: The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45


Christine Mastin: 2011 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Christine Mastin, 38, is Treasurer of the Colorado Republican Party. At the University of California at Davis, and the University of Colorado Law School, she received awards for being an outstanding scholar.
Her community activities include assiting battered women, orphanages and leadership of SafeHouse Denver, where she recruits pro bono attorneys and matches them with shelter clients. This earned her a spot on the Denver Business Journal’s “40 under 40,” and she received the Community Impact Award.
She was also named a “Rising Star” by SuperLawyers magazine in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Her track record in court is excellent and she says “Some days, I am absolutely overjoyed to be a lawyer. Really.”
Her mother and grandmother emigrated from Chile, and she grew up speaking Spanish, which she incorporates into her legal practice. She opposes amnesty and is an advocate of E-Verify.
Democrats gave Colorado a $1 billion budget hole and last year the deficit was fixed with stimulus money. Mastin says “Filling the hole with a one-time source of money fixed nothing for the long term and simply kicked the problem down the road. We need to focus on finding ways for businesses to create more jobs.
“More people at work mean a bigger tax base. We need to get the government off the backs of small businesses and create some breathing room so they can start hiring again. Between new mandates at the federal and state level, businesses in Colorado have no idea what to anticipate in terms of cost.
“In an uncertain environment, businesses sit still – they hesitate to reinvest, expand or take the necessary business risks they need to in order to grow.”
Her husband is also an attorney and she is the mother of two children. During the past few months she has started finding some gray hairs but is not going to cover them up. She says “Every new batch of grays allows me to raise my hourly billable rate!” How does she stay so thin? By running four miles a day.
You can read more about the contest rules and background at: The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45