What Was Obama’s Biggest Lie?

There is a lot of competition for that title, but a top contender would have to be this comment during the third 2008 debate with John McCain (see below link).
It was moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS who said next year there would be and “astounding $455 billion deficit,” and Obama’s proposals would add another $200 billion to the deficit. The then Senator responded “What I have done throughout this campaign is to promise a net spendng cut.”
He described himself as a “strong proponent of pay as you go (PAY-GO). Every dollar that I have proposed spending, I have proposed an additional cut. So that it matches. . . We need to eliminate a whole host of programs that don’t work. I want to go through the federal budget line by line.”
Unfortunately, all of this was a complete lie. Obama never considered a net spending cut and of course it was not included in his proposed budgets. PAY-GO was passed by the Democratic Congress in early 2007, but they never once complied with it. The real farce was the news media which portrayed liberal Democrats as deficit hawks in 2006 and 2008.
Some of the other contending statements for biggest lie would be:

  • I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever.
  • The GOP is responsible for Obama jobs bill not passing.
  • Then you’ve got their (GOP) position which is dirtier air, dirtier water and less people with health insurance.
  • The rich don’t pay their fair share.
  • The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.
  • If you like the health care plan you have, you can keep it.
  • We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.
  • We will cut deficit in half by end of the first term.
  • Health care negotiations will be covered on C-Span.
  • The unemployment rate will be 5.3% with the stimulus.
  • “I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage”.
  • Guantanamo Bay will be closed within a year.
  • Didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was a radical.
  • We will have the most transparent administration in history.
  • I have visited all 57 states.


43rd Anniversary: What if Chappaquiddick Never Happened?

On this date in 1969, a car driven by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) plunged off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha’s Vineyard. Kennedy’s 28 year old passenger Mary Jo Kopechne died by drowning.
The Senator waited 10 hours before reporting the accident, but was never able to give a convincing explanation of his strange behavior. His license was suspended for six months. At the time of the incident, Kennedy was the nation’s most prominent potential Democratic presidential candidate.
If it had not happened, he may have still passed on a 1972 campaign against President Richard Nixon. He was only 40 that year. 1976 would have been a more realistic time for him, and it was an excellent year for Democrats.
When he did try to deny Jimmy Carter’s 1980 renomination, the Chappaquiddick incident haunted him and helped destroyed his chances. Writing in his book “True Compass,” which was published a week after his death, Kennedy described his actions as “inexcusable” and said that at the time he was afraid, overwhelmed “and made terrible decisions.”
Kennedy said he had to live with the guilt of his actions for four decades but that Miss Kopechne’s family had to endure far worse. “Atonement is a process that never ends,” he wrote.
The news media was relatively easy on Kennedy in 1969, and he was not forced to answer many difficult questions. That would not be allowed today. Kennedy’s popularity obviously declined, but even after Chappaquiddick, he still had a 58% approval rating in 1969, and was easily reelected in 1970

Obama’s Jobs Council Has Not Met in Six Months


The President’s Jobs Council has not met in over six months. During that period, Obama has gone golfing 10 times and attended 106 fundraisers, but he never found time to meet with his Jobs Council. Obama’s pledge of a “laser beam focus on jobs” was another empty promise.
The Jobs Council was a 2011 campaign prop that has now been forgotten. Unfortunately the President has also forgotten American workers because projections this week are for unemployment to remain at 8.2% throughout the third quarter.
This could easily change if he would pick up the phone and call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).
The GOP House has passed 30 jobs creation bills which are now stalled in the Senate. If the President wants to get our economy moving, he should also ask Reid to pass the Ryan Plan to cut the deficit by $6.2 trillion.
Another Obama promise was to have the most transparent administration in history, and he pledged to always be available to the press. As of June, the President has participated in 99 exchanges with reporters, while Bush was at 324, and Clinton was at 538.

Melanie Jones of Atlanta, Georgia



Our quote of the day is from Melanie Jones of Atlanta, Georgia. She believes it is “cool to be conservative,” and is a vigorous Romney supporter. Melanie has not hesitated to express the many reasons she is backing the apparent GOP nominee.
She is now in Panama City, Florida and the constant debates with Obama zoombies may be getting to her. This afternoon she said: “If you are a liberal or a Democrat, do me a favor and unfriend me. My page is for patriots only. I need room on my friends list for people who love America, and do not want to see our nation economically destroyed.
“I am out of patience with debating Obamatons. After three and half years Obama has no track record of success. He just wants to shift the blame.”

Dixie Kolditz: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Dixie Kolditz is the Republican nominee in Washington’s 19th District for the state House of Representatives. She is challenging incumbent liberal State Rep. Dean Takko (D).
Kolditz, 37, was raised in a segregated black township in Johannesburg, South Africa during the apartheid era. She was an active part of the Free South Africa movement and voted in the nation’s first democratic election. She clearly knows the value and cost of freedom.
She finished college in Johannesburg, and in 1995 while working as a reporter, she won a journalism scholarship from the Scripps-Howard news service for graduate study in the United States. In America she met and married her husband Ross.
He is a Southwest Washington native, and today she is the mother of seven children. In 2004, after a 7-year process, she became a U.S. citizen. Dixie and her husband own a company which provides residential care to people with disabilities, and they have over 150 employees.
She repeatedly said government should “ease up control. Let businesses do what they do best. Let them fail, which is the way for them to learn.” The GOP took control of the U.S. House in January 2011, and the next month Dixie was asked to testify before the Small Business Committee. She spoke of the the negative impact of government regulations on small businesses.
She is running because of the Democrat’s inability to create a sound fiscal budget, their repeal of voter-approved initiatives to control taxes, their failure to address education reform, and the lack of leadership on job creation and regulatory relief.
A frequently asked question is how can she be a Republican after former President Ronald Reagan vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Act in 1986. Reagan’s action was overridden by Congress, but the late President was not against sanctions on South Africa. He promised an executive order imposing new sanctions.
He said an executive order could “directed at the enforcers, not the victims of apartheid.” What he proposed was what the European Union was doing. Congress did not agree. If Reagan had won, American business would have been allowed to invest in black owned firms. Reagan’s argument was that it was not moral to impose hunger and hardship.
You can read more about the contest rules and background at: The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Randi Shannon: Another Embarrassment From The Ron Paul Revolution

It is almost always a bad idea to nominate Ron Paul Republicans (see below link). We will say what few other GOP organizations will admit, the Paulbots are nuts! Today’s example is Randi Shannon who was the GOP nominee against State Sen. Liz Mathias (D-IA).
Mathias won a closely contested special election last year and her victory kept the Senate in Democratic hands. Shannon has just resigned and declared herself seceded from the United States. Similar to Dr. Paul, she believes Abraham Lincoln was one of our worst presidents.
Shannon thanked her fellow Ron Paul supporters in announcing she’s left the race to become a U.S. Senator with the “original government.” That is correct, she is calling herself a U.S. Senator with a fictitious government.
Practically all Republicans defend the Constitution, are against big government, and we want serious deficit reduction. The Ron Paul Revolution supports those goals, but a major problem is that many of its members, such as Randi Shannon, are extremists and a complete embarrassment to the conservative cause. She is now being replaced as the GOP nominee.


What Was The Worst Political Joke in U.S. History?

There are many candidates for this distinction, but the consequences were certainly devastating for Gov. John Gilligan (D-OH) in 1974. He is shown in 2009 with his daughter, Obama’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She is a former Kansas Governor and they are the only father-daughter governors in U.S. history.
The 1974 election occurred in the wake of the Watergate scandal, which had forced President Richard Nixon’s resignation. The scandal allowed the Democrats to take 49 seats from the GOP in the U.S. House, and increased their majority above the two-thirds mark. One of the few bright spots for Republicans was Gilligan’s defeat for re-election.
Gilligan was an advocate of the first state income tax, and it was passed during his tenure. It was the major issue in the campaign, and Gilligan made it worse when he visited the state fair. He was asked if he was planning to attend the sheep shearing contest, and responded “I don’t shear sheep, I shear taxpayers.”
The comment was repeated endlessly and Gilligan lost by fewer than 1500 votes. Jack Germond of the Washington Star believes the joke may have also cost him the presidency.
He wrote: “Even before the returns were in from the 1974 elections, I had 1976 all figured out. After Watergate, Americans would be sick of anything connected to Washington, so the Democrats would nominate a governor.
“I even knew which one, John Gilligan. . . . My scenario fell apart, however, when Gilligan lost his campaign. . . Gilligan’s quick mouth didn’t help matters.”