FLASHBACK: Laredo, Texas


FLASHBACK – Laredo, Texas in 1961: The city is unique for having the distinction of flying seven flags. They include the Six Flags of Texas plus the flag of the brief Republic of the Rio Grande (Laredo was its capital). In 1836, when Texas revolted, there were less than 2,000 citizens in Laredo.
The army of Mexican General Santa Ana marched through Laredo, the “gateway to Mexico,” on their way to the Alamo. Today the population is over 250,000.
From 1965 to 1967, NBC aired a western television series called Laredo, which was a spinoff of The Virginian. The song “The Streets of Laredo” has been recorded by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Roy Rogers.

Texas GOP Hires Marie Mazzanti

The Republican Party of Texas, the nation’s largest GOP state, has announced the appointment of Marie Mazzanti (left) as its new Communications Director. She previously served in the same capacity for Senate candidate Michael Williams.
Mazzanti attended Texas A&M, and her former employers include the Media Research Center, and The New Ledger, where she was Assistant Editor. She also contributed articles to the conservative website NewsBusters.
Mazzanti is shown with Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and her mother, Kathleen McKinley, who is the popular political blogger for the Houston Chronicle. Her mother said: “I am thrilled and could not be more proud of her! Now, she will be actively fighting the good fight in the greatest state in America. Yeah, I kind of love Texas.” Marie has also been guest blogger for her mother.

Angie King: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Angie King


Angie King of Dallas is president of one of the largest GOP women’s clubs in Texas, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), and the co-owner of a highly successful corporate and special events company. King’s contacts are legendary and her events are always memorable.
She contributed to the success of the 2008 Republican National Convention. Despite the long hours, King says “I don’t consider my work a job. I absolutely love what I am doing in every area.”
King recently had a crucial role in electing the new Texas GOP national committeewoman, and her activities were honored at 2011 Dallas County Republican Party Reagan Day Dinner.
In 2010 she was re-elected to the SREC as Co-Chair for Senatorial District-23, and this year she was Chairman of the Policy and Procedure Committee at the GOP state convention.
Meetings of her Park Cities Republican Women’s Club are always packed because of the first class speakers she recruits (former Sen. Rick Santorum, former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, etc.).
She is a graduate of Texas Tech University. Her education was only beginning when she left campus, and King is an avid reader. One of her favorite subjects is economic theory and policy. The women obviously appreciate the all star lineup, but one member said “I think the best times are when Angie speaks to us. She has an amazing grasp of the issues. Every time I talk to her, I learn something new.”
King has been doing event planning for eight years and specializes in annual retreats, stockholder meetings, large training workshops and holiday/special parties. She strives to make every event unique and Kristin Harvey describes her as “professional and fun. She is really devoted to this and it shows. No wonder the same clients come back every year.”
King rarely has a free Saturday because she is also the top wedding planner in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
King has seen a surprising growth of the state GOP in the past two decades. Many of her friends were skeptical when she backed George W. Bush for Governor in 1994. Bush had never been elected before, and few people wanted the GOP nomination that year. King’s friends told her Gov. Ann Richards (D) could not be defeated, and Democrats appeared to have firm control of the state legislature. Today the GOP has a two-thirds majority.
On a personal level, the petite King says “I always wear heels and need all the help I can get in the height department. My brother is exactly one foot taller.” She is a world traveler and one of her hobbies is shopping. She is one of the best customers at the Saks shoe department.
Her ability as an organizer is apparent in viewing her large closet. It is color coded and organized by length of sleeve!
Her future plans include writing a book. She is not discussing it now, but we hope it will be about special events. To be successful, they obviously require a huge commitment of time and energy. While King makes them appear effortless, we know the tremendous dedication which is required.
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Julie White McCarthy: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Julie White McCarthy

Julie White McCarthy, 40, lives on a cattle ranch in Grapevine, Texas, and is president of a successful Tarrant County Tea Party group. She was elected this morning as a National Delegate to the GOP convention in Tampa.
Julie was a regional coordinator for former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and he returned the favor by producing a video advocating her election. Julie was part of the team which produced a huge Santorum victory in Louisiana, and a photo of Julie with the Senator appeared on the frontpage of the Shreveport Times.
Julie received a full college scholarship and has always been active in the Baptist Church. She says “I long for Christ’s return on a daily basis.” She has led mission trips to Russia, Haiti, the Amazon jungle (four times), and West Africa. She also lived in India for 8 months.
In 2001, she auditioned for “The Bachelor” TV show but was not selected. It was just as well because Julie met Fred McCarthy the next year. Ten months later she knew Fred was the right guy.
Julie purchased a wedding dress before he proposed! Fred did not have much choice about the honeymoon. Julie picked out the Bahamas as the perfect destination when she was a teenager.
According to the eHarmony test, Julie and Fred were not a match, but she strongly disagrees: “Fred and I have a better marriage than any couple I know. It’s because we are so much alike. Dr. James Dobson says similarities are deposits in the bank, and differences are withdrawals. Our account balance is really, really high.”
Her only regret is “I wish we had met sooner.” Her political activities may diminish in the future because she is planning to home school her daughter Zoey.
You can contact Julie directly and congratulate her for the victory this morning at: https://www.facebook.com/heyjuliesue
You can read more about the contest rules and background at: The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Sarah Davis: 2011 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Sarah Davis

State Representative Sarah Davis of Texas is an attorney who won her first term last November. In a race that caught most people by surprise, she defeated liberal incumbent Ellen Cohen by a mere 725 votes.
When she filed to run for the seat, Davis, 35, had just completed treatment for breast cancer. She is a fighter and it showed in the campaign.
Davis ran on a campaign dedicated to reducing the size of government, protecting Texas’ southern border and finding a way to stop the Obama Healthcare program from destroying the Texas economy.
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Rick Perry vs. Ron Paul Feud Heats Up Over Gaza

Despite Ron Paul's claims, no one is starving in Gaza. There is no lack of electricity or running water, and Gaza City has a luxury shopping mall.

The feud between Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is continuing, and the new flash point is the Gaza Strip. A new flotilla of large ships will arrive soon and Perry says it is an “unacceptable provocation,” while Paul has always claimed Israel’s Gaza blockade is an act of war. He described the last flotilla of nine ships as breaking the “siege” of Gaza.
Paul has criticized the Governor as an “establishment candidate” and for being “identified with the Bush administration and very much the status quo.” Bush and Perry were gubernatorial running makes in 1998. In 2007, Paul said Perry should be investigated for a criminal violation of the Logan Act when he attended the Bilderberg Conference. That same year Paul said Perry’s attendance was “A sign that he’s involved in the international conspiracy.”
In 2008, Paul endorsed Perry’s GOP primary opponent, Debra Medina, who was linked to the 9/11 Truth movement which believes the U.S. government had advance knowledge of the attack. During an interview with Glenn Beck, Medina would not deny she was a 9/11 Truther.
In his endorsement letter Paul said: “I have known Debra for over 10 years and she been a key supporter and member of my campaign team. . . I asked Debra to serve on the board of directors of my national grassroots action group, Campaign for Liberty.”
Perry is the complete opposite of Ron Paul and says the Gaza flotilla is a propaganda ploy. As the Red Cross has repeatedly confirmed, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel’s actions are in accordance with its inherent right to self-defense, and it is foolish to legitimize Hamas.
Every week about 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are sent by Israel to Gaza. Ron Paul says Israel is violating “Palestinian waters,” but they do not exist because Palestine is not a country. Hamas won the last election in Gaza and they refuse to recognize Israel.
What is Hamas?
Hamas will not renounce violence and they have repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction. A suicide bomber who attacked an Israeli pizzeria crowded with children was praised by Hamas. According to the Jerusalem Post:

Hamas is the Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement. It is a radical movement considered a terrorist organization by the United States and European Union. Hamas leaders condemned America for killing Osama bin Laden, and a founding principle of the Hamas charter calls for Jihad, a holy war on behalf of Islam.
Hamas has been responsible for more than a hundred suicide attacks, and has fired more than 10,000 rockets and missiles into towns and villages in Israel. The international community estimates that Hamas receives $20 million to $30 million in funding from Iran, a tyrannical regime that repeatedly denies its citizens basic human rights and kills any persons who question its principles.

Ron Paul’s Defense of Hamas
Congressman Paul says Hamas is an elected government so Israel should not be blocking the delivery of weapons to Gaza. Once again, an estimated 10,000 Katusha rockets from Gaza have been launched at Israel since their voluntary withdrawal six years ago. Rep. Paul has never described these attacks as an act of war.
In both of the presidential debates this year, the lawmaker has said he wants a “non-interventionist foreign policy.” He often votes alone and will not join his colleagues in condemning genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape camps and numerous other human rights abuses anywhere in the world. He justifies his actions by saying we should not tell other countries what to do, but he always tells Israel what to do and never fails to repeat Hamas and Hezbollah propaganda.
What Ron Paul Does Not Say

  • Israel has always acted in accordance with international maritime law. They are in a state of armed conflict with Hamas. In such cases blockades are permissible under international law so long as humanitarian goods are not prevented from reaching the population. Boarding a vessel is permissible if the ship is bound for a “belligerent” territory.
  • The organizers of the flotilla are affiliated with an officially designated terrorist organization. They have said suicide attacks against Israeli citizens are religiously sanctioned.
  • Gaza shipments do not have to come through Israel. They are allowed to unload their cargo of humanitarian goods at the Egyptian port of El-Arish. The supplies are then transferred on land to Gaza after being checked.
  • According to the International Monetary Fund, Gaza’s economy expanded by 15.2% last year.
  • Hamas strictly limits freedom of the press and religious freedom. Christians do not have the same freedom as Muslims, and any political assemblies must be approved in advance. Women are denied basic human rights.

Should Israel comply with international law and the values of the international community? Yes. Does it? Yes, and like every nation is has a right to self-defense.

Conservatives Need to Stop The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory Nonsense

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) spoke to the 2007 Bilderberg Conference about energy security and policies which resulted in his state being responsible for 37% of all private sector job growth in America. The Governor is not a traitor, he is not controlled by the Bilderbergers, and has done nothing to jeopardize America’s sovereignty.

The three day annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group is now being held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Today’s Alex Jones radio program denounced the gathering for attempting to destroy America’s sovereignty and plotting to create a single global currency. Similar to most accusations made by Jones, the claims have no merit and there is no evidence to support them. Since 1945 the world has had a single reserve currency, and it is the American dollar. Continue reading