The Double Standard and a Report From The Singles Scene by Gregg Hilton


If you are offended by gossip you should skip this story, even though I will not reveal any names.  You of course cannot make general observations based on the views of a few people, but I will still share my recent experiences. This week I attended a GOP gathering which our critics will be pleased to know was held at a country club. Before we started the chairman appeared in the doorway waving his arm saying “You have got to come into the dining room!”

I thought Lady GaGa might have arrived but it was actually a mutual friend who was visiting for the first time with his stunning new wife. She was clearly the center of attention. I am not good at guessing ages, but I suspect this couple has a 30 year age gap.  I do know the new wife is younger than his eldest child.

  • My male friends and I were full of praise for his good fortune both publicly and privately, but that was not true of the women in our group. Some were biased because they knew his ex-wife, but all of them denounced the new spouse as “a gold digger,” and predicted the marriage would not last.
  • The conversation then shifted to “Mary” (not her real name), who is an attractive and successful 48 year old woman. I think she could pass for 28, and my guess is that her last boyfriend made over $250,000/year. He is in her age group, but now she has a hot romance with a 21 year old who is certainly not her professional equal.
  • My male friends expressed regret that Mary was not dating them, but they were not critical of her romantic choice. Once again, that was not true of the women in our group. They had their knives out for Mary, who has posted several “happy couple” photos on Facebook. Mary’s boyfriend is younger than her daughter.
  • Survey research demonstrates women are definitely dating younger men, and there is no social stigma about it. Both Newt Gingrich and John Kerry married older women, and this trend does not bother me.
  • Women have been rapidly moving up the economic ladder for decades, and it does not surprise me some of them are adopting a dating pattern associated with men in the past. I was just surprised that women in Mary’s age group were so critical of her choice.

My next observation is about “Joe” (not his real name), who has been linked to a string of highly desirable women. All the guys have been envious of Joe who surprised us with his recent engagement.  The most frequently heard comment about his new fiancée is “She’s insane! You can’t have a normal conversation with her.”

  • The stories are strange, and her odd behavior has embarrassed Joe. Why would Joe abandon women everyone admired for a fiancée with unusual antics? I did not ask him and it is not my business, but she is wealthy heiress.

My final observation concerns Facebook, which has destroyed my self-esteem. Last month I enjoyed several Christmas parties as well as a New Year’s Eve gathering. I had a good time, but because of tagging I was able to see all the A-list parties I was not invited too.  It is especially bad when people ask why you didn’t attend a particular party. I claimed to be busy, but the truth is that I was not invited. I should have gone with Michaele Salahi.

  • Facebook was a topic at one gathering where a few of my beautiful female friends said they had changed their status to “In a relationship.” The claim was false but they did it in an attempt to stop unwanted romantic messages from men. All of the women had numerous stories about the Facebook Romeos.
  • I said it was not a major problem. The truth is that I have been on Facebook for four years and I have never received any romantic message. I did get a heart on Valentine’s Day, but that was from my sister.

If all of you other guys are receiving tons of romantic messages, please don’t tell me about it. My ego can’t take any more of this!