Michelle Ugenti: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45


Congratulations to State Rep. Michelle Ugenti (R-AZ) who won her primary last night. This seat was changed by redistricting and the Arizona Republic described the primary as “one of the hottest contests of the year.” However, Ugenti won easily.
Redistricting ended the career of Rep. Ben Quayle and former State Senate President Russell Pearce last night. Pearce was the author of Arizona’s tough anti-immigration bill, and left office after losing a recall election last November.
Ugenti is married and the mother of three children. When asked why she has been so politically active, Ugenti responded “I just don’t want to be part of an entitlement nation. I don’t like the ‘nanny state’-style managing of government that is being pushed on us by the Obama administration. I am a clear voice against that.” . .
“Without a balanced budget, without matching our revenue to our expenditures, there’s just no way Arizona can function as a thriving, productive state.”
She is proud of Arizona’s balanced budget and was the author of a bill that passed and became law. It was recognized as the one of the top ten pro-business bills by the National Federation of Independent of Business. The Ugenti bill stipulated that the state cannot accept federal funds if, as a condition, preference is given to hiring union labor.
She is Chairman of the important Government Committee, and also serves as Chairman of the Sub-Appropriations Committee. In both posts she spends countless hours helping draft the framework for the current budget, and future budgets.
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