The Republican Security Council Ground Rules


We received several private messages this week regarding inappropriate comments posted to our Wall. One person was glad CBS correspondent Lara Logan was raped, and another was threatening President Obama with physical harm. We are not going to repeat their comments but they do violate our ground rules. We strongly disagree with the President and vigorous debate is encouraged, but a few participants hurt the conservative cause by being too extreme. The President and other liberals can be denounced in strong language for their views, but no one should be advocating violence.

When Else Do You Cross The Line?

We welcome opposing views and a discussion is always more interesting when there is a counter argument.  Always feel free to disagree with someone’s ideology, but our recommendation is to avoid personal comments. Liberal activist Michael Moore often praises the totalitarian government of Cuba, and we enjoy rebutting his silly claims. A heated ideological debate is entertaining and informative, but there is no need to shift the discussion to personal comments about someone’s weight, appearance or religion.  Jon Corzine attacked Chris Christie’s weight in 2009, and now he is the ex-Governor of New Jersey. Lets stick to the issues. We can easily rebut Michael Moore, and there is no need to call attention to his weight.

Stay on Topic

Former liberal Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR) was a champion of anti-war and pro-nuclear freeze movement. He was best known for the McGovern-Hatfield Amendment which would have ended the Vietnam War, and the Kennedy-Hatfield Nuclear Freeze Resolution.

Conservatives strongly disagreed with the Senator, but a few of them hurt our cause by trying to shift the discussion. Hatfield was involved in an accident when he was 16 and a child was killed. The incident happened three decades earlier, and was not at all relevant to the debate. The diversion only generated sympathy for Hatfield.

Think Before Posting

There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but it is often better to make these comments in a private message. The recipient will then appreciate and benefit from your observations. They will often be able to correct the mistake. You can be creating an enemy if you do this through a Wall posting. When you post to a Wall you can be embarrassing them in front of all their friends.

In sending a message think how you would react. Never hesitate to debate and you should point out factual mistakes. If they have posted the wrong unemployment figures, you can correct them. If they have made spelling or grammatical mistakes, we think it is best to tell them in a private message. Our use of social media reflects our style, and there are times when it is best to make the comment off line.

RSC Fair Use Statement

The Republican Security Council is a non-profit organization and makes no money from any photos, postings, references, parodies or educational materials. Our work is in the public domain but we do not hold the copyright on many photos. Organizations and individuals may make fair use of our materials under the broad principles of political education. We acknowledge a limited use of many of our materials by critics and other groups, under parody, as part of fostering a robust debate.

The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

We asked members of the Republican Security Council to nominate women they admire, and to tell us why. We were thrilled by the strong reader’s response which included over 250,000 page hits. We said the nominees should be intelligent and successful women who are role models for the next generation.
RSC members were asked to nominate women who are positive examples and have a strong commitment to the principles and goals of the Republican Party. An ideal candidate would have an impressive education, a promising career, a purpose in life, and goals they want to achieve. Many past nominees were active volunteers in political and nonprofit organizations. The nominees should be women who have a dream and the drive to achieve it. They should be women who best represent the GOP’s future.
Some choices were surprising and a few recommendations suggested by our administrators did not receive the necessary 100 votes to qualify.
Every year there are many votes for celebrities who are registered Republicans but not active in the GOP (i.e. Sarah Michele Gellar, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Shannon Doherty, etc.). Celebrities who received more that 100 nominations included singer Martina McBride and model Cindy Crawford. They were added to the Honorable Mention category.
The GOP gender gap is especially significant among young women, and we want to highlight people who are not established GOP leaders. Young Republican women are rarely noticed. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter already have close to 100% name identification, and they do not need our help.
The women on this page are rising stars, and the next generation of GOP leaders. We hope more women will be in senior GOP leadership positions, but that is not true today in the House or Senate. In politics you often learn more by losing then winning. GOP consultant Noelle Nikpour worked for losing candidates Asa Hutchinson (AR), Dick De Vos (MI) and Rudy Giuliani (NY). She believes “The GOP needs a new image especially with young women and college students. The Democrats have done a great job in capturing these important groups. We need more young Republican role models.”
The group is limited to 45 nominees which means many outstanding women were not selected, and they will be considered next year. We asked our members to select the most admired women, and we told them this is not a beauty contest.
A dozen people nominated freshman State Representative Julia Hurley (R-TN), but she was not selected. We admire her for defeating a liberal incumbent and we know she is intelligent and hardworking. However, all the comments we received were about her modeling portfolio and previous work as a Hooters waitress.
Rep. Hurley, 30, is attractive, but our contest is about accomplishment and fostering GOP goals, not physical appearance. Hurley is a young woman with a bright future and we are sure she will be nominated in the future when the focus will be on her legislative accomplishments.
We assume it was part of an organized effort, but our guess is that we received 1,000 messages promoting radio host Laura Ingraham. Ingraham meets all of our criteria except one, she is over 45. If this group was not limited by age, the top 45 Most Admired Republican Women would probably include the women listed below.

First Ladies: Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Laura Bush.
Governors: Jan Brewer, Susana Martinez, Sarah Palin, Linda Lingle and Jodi Rell.
Senators: Kay Bailey Hutchison and Elizabeth Dole.
Representatives: Michele Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mary Bono, Sue Myrick, Barbara Cubin, Lynn Jenkins, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Shelley Moore Capito, Kay Granger, Jo Ann Emerson, Jean Schmidt, Virginia Foxx, Judy Biggert, Ginny Brown-Waite, Candice Miller, Marilyn Musgrave, Thelma Drake, Heather Wilson, Deborah Pryce and Katherine Harris.
Former Cabinet members: Condoleezza Rice, Margaret Spellings, Susan Schwab, Elaine Chao, Mary Peters and Carla Hills.
Commentators: Peggy Noonan, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Linda Chavez.
When President George W. Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act on November 5, 2003, he was surrounded on the White House stage by a large group of lawmakers and party luminaries. What was missing? Not one woman was present. We have to change that picture. Few women continue to be present at many Republican leadership gatherings.
If the gender gap was eliminated, the GOP would definitely be the majority party. While a majority of men tend to vote Republican, women usually lean Democratic and with bigger numbers. They went for Obama by a huge margin in 2008. Over 70 million women voted, against 60.7 million men, and women gave 56 percent of their votes to Obama and just 43 percent to John McCain.
Men split almost evenly. Women are 51 percent of the population and 54 percent of voters. The gender gap between Republicans and Democrats, in presidential elections, has historically ranged from 4 to 11 percent; in Pennsylvania, a key swing state, it was 8 percent in 2008.
In June of 2012, the gender gap was 32% in New Hampshire where women supported Obama by a 24% margin, while men preferred Romney by 8%. In 2004, George W. Bush lost single women by 29%, but ended up winning married women by 15%.

Patriots or Extremists? Some Conservative Rhetoric Goes Too Far


We have many conservative friends and we definitely sympathize with their opposition to the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress. The situation confronting our nation is serious and we should be alarmed.
There is nothing wrong in being passionate about your beliefs, and we admire people who are involved in public policy and engage in debate. The problem is that some of our Facebook friends (i.e. Tamara Heater, Ed Wyatt, Keith L. Burroughs, etc.) make highly disturbing and offensive comments.
Our efforts to encourage people to tone down their rhetoric, and to avoid curse words as well as racial and ethnic slurs, have not been successful. We try not to be judgmental and our first amendment guarantee of freedom of speech is vital.
We do not want to censor anyone, but in some situations we are compelled to act. Reducing high voltage language allows your intelligence to shine through.
Profane language is not profound, and people swear and attack ethnic and minority groups when they are out of control. It does not bother us if people disagree with our viewpoint, but some comments cross the line.
Tonight’s example is Keith Burrough who is admired by several of my friends. Keith and I are both conservatives but we often disagree. He is not bashful about expressing his sentiments on my Wall, and a few hours ago he posted this message:

Sometimes my FB friends say I am too hard on libbies, Towel Head and other idiots I commonly refer to in my posts. Even sometimes I’m a bigot about religion. Folks, God is clear in His plan for our salvation. You must get on one side of the fence here, there ain’t no straddlin it. No, I’m not too hard on folk, to say the least.

In response, Keith has received many supportive messages, but we do not approve of his inflammatory language. We share his opposition to President Obama’s agenda, and he describes himself as a “100% Christian.”
We have plenty of issues to debate forcefully in this campaign, and there is no need to resort to extremism. Hundreds of times, Keith has described President Obama as a “towel head.” He also calls the President, “Muzlum freako,” “a gay commie pinko,” “half breed prez,” “the Towel Head who favors communism,” “an idol worshiping tyrant who isn’t even from this country.”
Keith is also concerned about:

    • The loss of ‘white rights’ began with Abe Lincoln. I can’t stand the thought of that scum bag, he killed my white forefathers needlessly.’
    • Today, with a muslim communist Towel Head at the helm we are losing our rights at an alarming pace.
    • Will the day come again when white America takes back this country as we originally took it? Will it have to go that far? What is it going to take for white rights to be recognized?
    • Extreme am I? You might be too when your free country is declared a nation of Islam by our Towel Head pres. and Eric Holder. Are you ready to get down on your knees in the mosque when Muslim Towel Head in Chief declares us a nation of Islam?
    • What brand and color of towel will you brandish and wear when the Muslim Towel Head declares Islam the New Order for the U.S.?
    • Joe Blow Biden, you murdering skunk, give new meaning to term stupid. You be plain dumb boy, on your knee pads to Towel Head.
  • His friends describe Martin Luther King “as a piece of dirt. He never worked for improvement of black/white relations – that’s just the myth. He was a front man for the globalist War on Whites. It’s a travesty for White people have to pay for national celebrations for a man who was a Communist and helped pave the way for minimal White participation in running a gov’t of a country founded by and for Whites.”

We completely understand why the wise Aimee Masters wrote to Keith and said:

It’s bigots like you, who use the words “Towel Head” that need to be added to the list of those who need help. Don’t pretend to love God when you speak so harshly of His creations. If you truly wanted these people to be prayed for you would have chosen your words in a loving manner.

Comments I find disturbing from other Facebook members are:

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is a murderer and doesn’t deserve to live! The DEATH penalty is still applicable in CA as far as I know. I still want a retard to rape her before executing this slut. Get out of my country you piece of shit. I am sick and tired of her.
  • The PRESIDENT of the United States who is DELIBERATELY and knowingly DESTROYING America!!!! In my book, he’s a TRAITOR, an ILLEGAL ALIEN. But NEVER an American. REVOLUTION NOW, GODDAMMIT!!! I hope we can undo what this bastard has done to our country. Then we can throw him out of America, and put him somewhere in Africa for the carnivores.
  • Blacks and latinos are parasites on those of us who work hard. They all voted for Mama Bama because they know he’ll give them free handouts while they breed like fleas. They take, take, take until we’re a nation of peasants. This is why they were enslaved in the first place, it was a no-brainer that if we granted them freedom, this is exactly what would happen.
  • Get rid of the f–king Jews from the USA and you will get rid of Arab desire to destroy good Americans. Your Jew loving ways will destroy you. Send em home and let em fight their own battles. We don’t care about the Middle East.
  • Geez, that’s a surprise. The majority of Latinos support government healthcare. Isn’t it what they have back home, in their banana republics? And isn’t it what they want… Everything for FREE? So they think… They are idiot morons.

We are also disappointed in former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) who ran for President in 2008. He is now planning to run for Governor of Colorado on the Constitution Party ticket and we will be surprised if the Democrats do not win.
Tancredo says we should “send Obama back to Kenya.” The former Congressman continues to say the United States should bomb the Muslim holy sites in Mecca and Medina if another militant terrorist attack happens on American soil.
Tancredo does not see a distinction between a small group of militants from the rest of the one billion plus Muslims worldwide who want peace. We should not be attacking an entire religious population with followers living around the globe.
There are militants in many faiths. A few extremist Christians have bombed abortion clinics. No one suggested bombing Christian holy sites in Jerusalem as a retaliation. It is always wrong to stir up religious hatred.