Nuclear Power, Trade and Afghanistan: Will Democrats Finally Support Obama?

President Obama met last week with the Republican leadership which promised enthusiastic support for a number of his initiatives. The President has solid GOP backing for his 34,000 troop surge in Afghanistan, as well as his proposals to promote nuclear power, off shore drilling for oil and gas, clean coal technologies and three pending free trade agreements. All of these proposals were advocated by the President in his State of the Union address. Continue reading


In a Major Change, Obama Backs Free Trade with Colombia, Panama and South Korea

NAFTA trade has increased steadily

NAFTA trade has increased steadily

In a major policy shift, President Obama is now pursuing efforts to secure free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. The shift was apparent at the recent Latin Summit where Obama had to endure anti-U.S. harangue’s from Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Continue reading