The Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan Debate

The Vice President is taking six days off the campaign trail to prepare for his debate with Paul Ryan. He is being assisted by David Axelrod and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD), the ranking Democrat on Ryan’s House Budget Committee. Biden’s speech at the Democratic Convention was better than Obama’s, but he failed to match the great expectations of 2008 in his debate with Sarah Palin.
According to Dr. Henry Miller in Forbes: “Joe Biden has problems with impulse control and reality testing. The Vice President concluded a campaign speech with a rousing, ‘With you we can win North Carolina again.’
“The only problem was, he was in Virginia. Biden has previously done and said impulsive, bizarre things. In 1987, he plagiarized part of a campaign speech by Neil Kinnock, leader of Britain’s Labour Party, and even revised his own family history to conform to the speech.
“Biden has demonstrated poor reality testing – or a pathological disregard for the truth – for decades. He claimed in 1987 that he ‘went to law school on a full academic scholarship — the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship,’ and that he ‘ended up in the top half’ of his class. He also said that in college he was ‘the outstanding student in the political science department’ and ‘graduated with three degrees.’
“However, after inaccuracies in his statements were exposed, Biden made this admission on September 22, 1987: ‘I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inaccurate.’
“He had actually graduated 76th in a class of 85 from the Syracuse College of Law. And Biden’s baccalaureate accomplishment was a single B.A. degree. Age appears not to have improved Biden’s connection with reality. Are these aberrations stupidity, dementia or personality disorders?”

QUESTION: Where was this man riding 236 years ago? Why was it important?


ANSWER: Despite ill health, Caesar Rodney rode 80 miles from Dover to Philadelphia on July 1st and 2nd, 1776. He had received an urgent summons and his vote was necessary to break the deadlock. He rode through thunder and rain and arrived at Independence Hall just in time to cast the deciding vote in the Delaware delegation for independence.
The image of Rodney on horseback riding for Philadelphia appears on the Delaware quarter, issued in 1999.
He told the delegates “As I believe the voice of my constituents and of all sensible and honest men is in favor of Independence, my own judgement concurs with them. I vote for Independence.”
Rodney’s vote was not initially popular and he was defeated for re-election to the Continental Congress. Public opinion soon shifted and they sent him back.
Rodney was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, served in the Revolutionary Army as a brigadier general, and was elected President of Delaware and served from 1778 to 1782.
This stature is in Rodney Square, Wilmington, Delaware.

The Next Target is the Republican Party: Diane Olson of the Tea Party Debates Former RNC Staffer Gregg Hilton

Debate Introduction by Gregory Hilton

This debate focuses on the relationship between the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party, which has been a hot topic in recent weeks. Republicans appreciate and admire the activities of various Tea Party organizations, but several Tea Party leaders, including Diane Olson, want to wage war on the GOP. Diane is promising a major battle soon after the November election. Continue reading

The Verdict: Surprising GOP Primary Results in Delaware, New Hampshire and Maryland


The big upset of last night was when conservative insurgent Christine O’Donnell defeated Congressman Mike Castle by a 53% to 47% margin. The loss was the first in the career of the 72-year-old Castle, who has been Delaware’s lone representative in Congress since 1993. O’Donnell claimed victory at the Elks Lodge in Dover, and thanked the two people people who endorsed her in the final weekend, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). When Palin made her endorsement few observers were expecting O’Donnell to win the primary, and no one can accuse Palin of not taking risks. O’Donnell did not mention Congressman Castle in her victory remarks. Hours later the Congressman said he would not endorse or support O’Donnell. He did not indicate if he would endorse Democrat Chris Coons. Castle said he would not run as a write-in candidate in the general election. Continue reading

National Review: Conservatives Should Not Support Christine O'Donnell (R-DE)

She is “a conservative standard-bearer who could have been selected by a group of hostile people out to create an unflattering impression of us. To compare O’Donnell to Sharron Angle (R-NV) is an insult to Angle, who has her rough edges as a candidate but whose personal integrity is beyond reproach. What many O’Donnell supporters are implicitly arguing is that there can be no standards in evaluating candidates beyond an ideological litmus test–a deeply unconservative sentiment.” Continue reading

Delaware Senate Primary: Charles Krauthammer Criticizes Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint

Charles Krauthammer on today’s Delaware Senate primary. Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint were “equally capricious and irresponsible” for backing O’Donnell. “Delaware is not Alaska. In Alaska you can endorse a Joe Miller, whose going to win anyway though he’s more conservative. In Delaware, O’Donnell is going to lose and that could be the difference between Republican and Democratic control of the Senate.” Continue reading