Pam Bondi: 2011 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Pam Bondi

Pam Bondi of Tampa is Florida’s first female Attorney General. She previously served 18 years as a front-line prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office.
Prior to her 2010 election, she was best known for winning the first-degree murder conviction of Melvin Givens for the stabbing death of local NBC-News Producer Danielle Cipriani.
Bondi regularly traveled to Tallahassee to oppose the parole of convicted murderers and rapists.
She is now the lead Attorney General in the 26-state constitutional challenge to the government health care takeover which is pending before the Supreme Court. The case of Florida et al v. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services argues that the individual mandate provision of Obamacare violates the Constitution.
Bondi says “There is no case, anywhere close to being on point that says the federal government can do this to us. If the federal government can force us to purchase a product, simply by being alive — simply by sitting here — there’s no limit to what they can do. So this is very, very important. And it’s so much bigger than healthcare.
“Should Obamacare not be struck down by the court, it would bankrupt Florida. Now that these actuaries are coming out, it’s costing trillions of dollars, trillions more than anticipated, which is outrageous. We all know we need healthcare reform in our country, but this is not the way to do it.”
Bondi never sought elective office before 2010. She defeated Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp in the GOP primary and received a major boost with an endorsement by Sarah Palin.
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Angela McGlowan 2011 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Angela McGlowan, 41, is a conservative commentator who is best known for battling liberals on The O’Reilly Factor. She previously served on the staffs of GOP Senators Bob Dole (KS) and Jon Ensign (NV), as well as Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD). She was Miss DC in the 1994 Miss USA contest, and her book, “BAMBOOZLED: How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda,” made the best sellers list.
Despite strong endorsements from Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and national Tea Party organizations, McGlowan was not successful in her 2010 Congressional campaign. She nevertheless believes there will be a black Republican breakthrough.
McGlowan points to Ohio where George W. Bush won 16% of the black vote in 2004. It was enough for his statewide victory margin and secured his re-election. If Republicans are able to capture 20% of the black vote nationwide, the GOP would become the permanent majority party.
After her appearance on the Fox Business program “Scorecard” yesterday, McGlowan went to her website: “The downgrade of the US credit rating will have catastrophic effects. Now, more than ever, people should want change. Mr. President, it’s time for you to go. . .
“Obama is arrogant and outrageous. He never had a plan for the debt ceiling crisis and only wanted to raise taxes. His criticism of Republicans is out of line and out of touch. He needs a dose of reality and a one-way ticket back to Chicago.”
Her favorite quote is from Ronald Reagan: “Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face.”
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BOOK REVIEW: "Going Rogue: An American Life" by Sarah Palin, 432 pages, published by Harper Collins.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has the highest negative rating of any potential GOP presidential candidate, but she certainly is popular with the Republican base. Palin has 1.2 million Facebook fans, and her book, “Going Rogue,” has been a huge publishing success. This $29 book has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for the past 10 weeks, and for six weeks it was number one.
As of this month, sales have topped 2.8 million, and the book is now the 4th best selling political memoir of all time. The three authors above her are Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Palin is not far behind them. These four political memoirs are the only ones which have sold more than one million copies. Palin has far outsold the memoirs of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill Frist, John Ashcroft, Mike Huckabee and Joe Biden.
The book has put Palin right back on the political radar, and Oprah Winfrey calls it “A fascinating read.” Rush Limbaugh says it is “One of the most substantive policy books I’ve read in a long time.”
“Going Rogue” is entertaining and the book talks about her gay college room mate, how she had to pay her way through school, the pregnancy of her 17 year old daughter, her baby that was born with Down’s syndrome, and the $150,000 wardrobe which was lent to her during the campaign by the Republican Party. Her populist streak is appealing and upon becoming Governor she sold the executive jet which was purchased by her predecessor and fired the chef in the Governor’s mansion. She deserves credit for acknowledging her poor performance in the CBS-TV interview with Katie Couric. Palin said she “let the team down” with that interview.
I especially enjoyed the inside stories of the 2008 campaign, but too many attacks were focused on McCain staffers rather than the Obama/Biden ticket. I would not describe this as a substantive work. It is more of a personal memoir rather a political account. Over half of the book is devoted to her life prior to the 2008 campaign. I really wish she had spent more time discussing political issues, and the book does not reveal much about her core political beliefs.
This 432 page book was largely assembled by Christian conservative ghost writer Lynn Vincent in less than four months. Palin kept her promise to those who had pre-ordered copies and it was ready before Christmas. Because of the former Governor’s emphasis on pre-orders, sales hit the one million mark after just two weeks.
The first chapter is the best and it appears to reflect Palin’s down-to-earth style. My guess is that the former Governor wrote the first chapter, but her involvement was only sporadic in the rest of the book.
The section on the origin of species was almost certainly written by Lynn Vincent. Some of the material on Palin’s gubernatorial years appears to have been copied form the State of Alaska website. Vincent is not allowed to discuss her role because of a confidentiality agreement.
Palin could have devoted a year or more to writing a truly substantive account of her life, but she probably made the right choice to enter the market place when her name was so visible. Her prominence was demonstrated when the AP assigned a team of 11 reporters to “fact-check” the book, and of course they found a number of errors.
Part of Palin’s appeal to a conservative audience is that the former Governor is often the number one target of liberal activists. On the day Palin’s book was released last November, the liberal magazine “The Nation” produced a counter publication called “Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare.” It was a collection of anti-Palin essays with a similar cover.
Palin received an advance of $1.25 million from the Harper Collins publishing firm, and based on the current strong sales she will be able to expect an additional payout of at least $2.5 million and probably closer to $5 million.
Palin is now writing a second book and this will probably be a more substantive review of current issues. Palin will be visiting Arizona on March 26th to campaign for her former running mate. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) faces a difficult GOP primary with former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) and one of the reasons could be because of conservatives who were riled up over the treatment Palin received from top McCain staffers.
The Palin book is also not in the same category as Hillary Clinton’s “Living History,” John McCain’s “Faith of our Fathers,” or Dwight Eisenhower’s last memoir, “At Ease: Stories I Tell To Friends” which was a lively collection of colorful anecdotes which drew a great portrait of the late President. (Hillary Clinton’s 1996 best seller, “It Takes a Village,” was ghost written by Barbara Feinman Todd.)
In my opinion the best memoir from a politician was written by U.S. Grant. His book took the nation by storm, and he finished it just days before his death. It is loaded with thoughtful reflections concerning the Civil War years.
The former Governor’s accomplishments in Alaska were impressive. She appears to well versed on the energy policies which are so crucial to her state’s economy. If she had not resigned, the record she established could have been the basis for a national campaign. Perhaps the book I really want to see will be the one Palin is working on now.
She should review the Obama, Clinton and McCain memoirs for ideas. They all reflect the vision of potential future leaders. “Going Rouge” is Palin’s personal story, and we are still waiting for an explanation of her core beliefs as well as her outlook for America. If Palin is planning a presidential candidacy, the second book should be one of her top priorities. “Going Rouge” does not tell us about Palin’s political future, but as her father once noted, “She’s not retreating, she’s reloading!”

Where is the Environmental Lobby?

Gov. Sarah Palin is shown wearing a polar bear pin.

Gov. Sarah Palin is shown wearing a polar bear pin.

Where is the Environmental Lobby? By Gregory Hilton–
A strange silence has descended over the nation’s environmental lobby. Their conduct is similar to what has already happened to the anti-war lobby. Two years ago “peace activists” were livid when a 21,000 troop surge for Iraq was announced, and massive demonstrations were held in all major cities. They said the surge would lead to the death of innocent civilians.
Two months ago President Obama initiated a 21,000 troop surge in Afghanistan, and a week ago today over 120 innocent civilians were killed in a U.S. drone attack. Hardly anyone has made a comment.
The environmental lobby is also silent. They had a major role in the 2008 campaign, and they have an effective grassroots network. These activists were out in force last year and they were expressing outrage about the plight of the polar bear.
There favorite target was Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) who did not want polar bears listed under the Endangered Species Act. Greenpeace said Palin’s position was “putting the polar bear at risk of extinction.” MSNBC said the GOP candidate was “covering up evidence that polar bears are endangered.” The Defenders of Wildlife spent $300,000 on TV commercials denouncing Palin’s attitude toward the bears.
On September 26, 2008, 61 Nobel laureates announced their endorsement of Barack Obama, and many of the questions they received concerned Palin and polar bears. They said the Governor’s position would “lead to more polar bears dying of starvation and drowning, and more being killed by wealthy trophy hunters. As governor, she has been a disaster for polar bears and other wildlife.” It was interesting that many of the people leading the campaign for the polar bears had never visited Alaska.
Now the Obama Administration agrees with Palin. Last week Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, the former Democratic Senator from Colorado, said “the Endangered Species Act is not the proper mechanism for controlling our nation’s carbon emissions.” That is the exact same position as the Bush administration and Governor Palin.
Palin responded to the announcement by saying “This is a clear victory for Alaska. We all want to preserve and protect the polar bear using the best possible tools, but there is absolutely no need to change the rule to accomplish this purpose. I want to thank Secretary Salazar for his careful review of the science and the administrative record that led to this decision.”
Former White House press secretary Dana Perino also noted the absence of the environmental lobby. She noted the Obama administration has:
“decided to keep President Bush’s policy on polar bears. Well now. I remember what happened when we made our announcement after all of the thoughtful consideration that was given to the decision. But if you read the clips today, you’d think we had announced two completely different things.
“For example, where is the outrage and the letters from Senator Boxer and Congressman Waxman decrying the Friday afternoon release, calling for investigations and alleging manipulation of the science and the law? Where are the press releases and lawsuits from the environmental groups? Where are the two people who dressed up as polar bears and crashed Sen. Kempthorne’s press conference?
“Where are the breathless and indignant above-the-fold, page one newspaper stories? And the cute photos of the polar bears standing on floating ice floes? Where are the pointed allegations of “rollback” on the cable news scrolls? Where is the bluster and the cynical barbs from the talking heads?
“And where is former Vice President Al Gore unleashing his caricature of righteous indignation and moral condemnation of this offense against nature? Barring all that, where is the explicit acknowledgment that President Bush must have gotten the policy right?”