Amanda Adkins: 2012 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Amanda Adkins

Amanda Adkins, 37, has been Chairman of the highly successful Kansas Republican Party for the past four years. She is now serving her second term.
The GOP has dominated Kansas since it achieved statehood in 1861. Kansas has had 33 US Senators: 28 Republicans, 3 Democrats, and 2 Populists. The last time they elected a Democrat to the Senate was in 1932.
The GOP also holds all four congressional seats and six of six statewide offices. In the State Senate, the GOP controls 32 of 40 seats. In the House, it’s 92 of 125.
The Gallup Survey classifies Kansas as one of only five “solidly Republican” states. It is also a no-income tax state.
Adkins is the former Executive Director of GOPAC, she managed Senator Sam Brownback’s 2004 re-election, and she served as Legislative Director for the Chairman of the House Rules Committee. She is a past Chairman of the Kansas City Republican Party.
Despite GOP dominance, Adkins does not have an easy job. Infighting between social and economic conservatives is a major problem, and Kansas was the last state to complete redistricting.
Santorum defeated Romney in the Kansas primary by a 51% to 21% margin. As the Wall Street Journal notes, “One big obstacle that may face Kansas Republicans: Kansas Republicans. . . GOP infighting in recent years helped elect Democrat Kathleen Sebelius to two terms as Kansas governor. It also prompted Mark Parkinson, former chairman of the state Republican Party, to cross the aisle. He succeeded Ms. Sebelius as governor when she joined the Obama Administration.”
Adkins took over in 2009 when the party had a $100,000 debt that she erased. She also had the party go on record in opposition to Obamacare and established an excellent working relationship with the Tea Party.
Adkins urged adoption of a party mission statement to unify the various factions, and she is highly praised for her ability as a peacemaker. Her diplomatic skills are often noted, and they are frequently needed.
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