The GOP Difference: Illinois and Indiana

If you want to know the difference between Democrats and Republicans just look at Illinois and Indiana. GOP Indiana has lower personal, corporate, sales and death taxes, and it now has a Right–to-Work business cost advantage.
Indiana has a $2 billion surplus this year and its citizens will receive a tax rebate. Illinois increased taxes 66% and it has an $8 billion deficit. TheIllinois Auditor General recently released a report describing the state’s deficit as the nation’s worst based on the percentage of revenue.
In an editorial today, the Indianapolis Star praises GOP leaders for having “enough discipline to make difficult fiscal decisions, despite political pressures to avoid temporary pain, the long-term benefits are substantial.
“Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) and leaders in the Indiana House and Senate deserve credit for the foresight to ride out the fiscal storm without resorting to the budget gimmicks and stopgap measures that some political leaders championed.
“As the economy continues to rebound, Indiana is poised to pump more money into education, human services and infrastructure. In contrast, a majority of other states will have to cut spending further or raise taxes.”