Al Gore’s Newspaper Endorses Romney


Michael Silence: “To say today’s endorsement by The Tennessean newspaper is an eyebrow raiser is an understatement. This is the same newspaper where former Vice President Al Gore got his start in journalism.
“They endorsed Obama in 2008. Of course, the paper endorsed Gore in 2000. In 2004, the paper endorsed Democrat John Kerry over President Bush. The endorsement will have political junkies across the country buzzing.”

Here’s part of the editorial:
“America needs strong leadership; yet, our leaders in Washington have seldom looked more impotent. . . .
“Because as important as foreign policy, social issues, immigration and the environment continue to be, this election hinges on Americans’ fear of a European-style economic collapse. No other issue will matter more, and to more voters, on Election Day.
“The next president must be the one with the best chance to get the crushing, $16 trillion national debt under control, coupled with the more immediate need of enabling a vibrant job market.
“It is because the economy is paramount that The Tennessean endorses Gov. Mitt Romney for president.”

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