Our Republican of The Day is Sondra Goddard Zackey


Our Republican of the day is Sondra Goddard Zackey, 49, who lives near Steubenville. She appreciates the beauty of rural Ohio, and is encouraged by the huge crowds turning out for Romney in this key battleground state. She says “The White House is describing Joe ‘Smirky Malarky’ Biden’s debate performance as great. They call him their ‘Happy Warrior!’
“As a parent teaching my children good manners, he’s the poster boy for how not to act. He was worse than a petulant child. When I taught pre-school I encountered several rude children who acted like him.”  Sondra has an MA in English and is also a graduate of the Defense Language Institute. For 12 years she served as an Arabic Linguist for the U.S. Army.
She considers job creation a top issue and says “One of our local power plants has fallen victim to the Obama Administration’s war on coal burning power plants. 600 more jobs will be lost in an area that can ill afford it.”
She is the mother of two daughters and says “Having kids really changed my perspective on life. The older I get the more conservative I become.”


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