Romney Outlines Farm Policy

Romney is in Van Meter, Iowa (population 1,073) at noon today. He is speaking at the 127 year old farm of Margaret and James Koch, who said “I am overwhelmed by it. I didn’t really think I’d ever get a chance to see him in person. He knows agriculture is important to this country, and it speaks volumes that he will come to a farm.” As the candidate speaks, combines in the background will be harvesting corn and soybeans.
Romney will promise farmers that he will cut government red tape and regulations. America has had no trade agenda during the Obama administration, and Romney will tell the farm audience they will have greater access to world markets.
The Republican will conclude trade negotiations such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and ask Congress for the authority to pursue new agreements. He says “The president has stalled ongoing negotiations, and initiated no new ones.”
He is promising change so they will be able to pass down a farm to children without losing over half its value to taxes, and keep their energy costs as affordable as possible.
Craig Hill, the president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, said “We haven’t seen enough assurance that we’ll be able to operate our farms without a heavy burden of regulation and taxation under the Obama administration.”
The Republican candidate will also spell out his vision for making the agriculture economy grow and prosper.


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