QUESTION: Which President had a fear of Friday the 13th?

ANSWER: Today is Friday the 13th. We are not superstitious but there was at least one President who tried to avoid this day. Franklin Roosevelt did not like the number 13 in general. He once counted 13 people at a dinner table, and insisted on finding someone else to join the group.
He thought 13 would bring bad luck. In the 1944 campaign he could not avoid traveling on Friday the 13th. His solution was to have his train leave at 12:50 pm on the 12th.
PHOTO: President Roosevelt is shown accepting the 1944 Democratic presidential nomination. He spoke from his private railroad car, the Ferdinand Magellan, in San Diego. The balding naval officer at left is Dr. Howard Bruenn, the cardiologist who saw FDR almost every day during the final year.
The President did not complain about the daily examinations but never asked one question about his health. FDR died on April 12, 1945.


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