Don’t Be Discouraged, There Will Be Better Times, A Lesson From George W. Bush

Many GOP candidates marched in parades today but hopefully they received a better welcome than what happened to George and Laura Bush on July 4, 1978 in Muleshoe, Texas. Bush was then 32 and running for Congress in a race he would lose.
In the GOP primary Bush received only 6 out of 230 votes in that county. In “Decisions Points,” he wrote:
“The way I saw it, I had plenty of room for improvement. Laura and I smiled and waved at the spectators from the back of our white pickup truck. Nobody cheered. Nobody even waved. People looked at us like we were aliens.
“By the end I was convinced the only supporter I had in Muleshoe was the one sitting next to me.”
Muleshoe is the home of “Ol Pete,” the National Mule Memorial. When Bush was elected President, the Texas Historical Commission had “Ol Pete” removed from his permanent home to travel to Washington, D.C. He was guest of honor at the Texas Inaugural Ball, and appeared on the Texas float in the Inaugural Parade. Few people then knew of Bush’s memory of Muleshoe.

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