Sad News For Conservatives – Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) Sweeps Iowa

Ron Paul came in third in the Iowa precinct caucuses in January, but he won a landslide victory this afternoon. At the GOP state convention, Dr. Paul won 24 of the 28 delegates. Santorum narrowly won the caucuses but will receive just one delegate, while Romney, who came in a very close second, will get three delegates.

The Paul campaign won previous victories in Minnesota, Nevada and Maine. Bobbi Buckner Bentz of Ankeny reacted to the Paul win by saying “Was that thunder or the sound of the Republican Party imploding?”
If the Paul delegates follow through with their threat and vote for the Texan on the first ballot at the National Convention, it would mean the state would lose its first in the nation status in 2016. Libertarian supporters of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are cautious and do not want to jeopardize Iowa’s future role.
The convention is about to consider the platform. “Some of the platform ideas they are proposing are just crazy. I mean they make us look crazy,” says Doug Gross, a former Republican nominee for Iowa governor. Gross was Romney’s 2008 Iowa campaign chairman.
The Paul forces already control the state chairmanship, a majority on the executive committee, and National Committeeman Steve Scheffler sold out to them to get re-elected. Schleffler had Paul’s endorsement.
The State Chairman, A.J. Spiker, is a former Iowa co-chair for Paul’s campaign, and he has hired a Paulbot staff.
Delegates shouted “Why do you hate liberty” at speakers who opposed the Texas congressman.
It was distressing to hear conservatives such as State Sen. Brad Zahn repeat Paulbot nonsense. U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley courageously told 4th district Republicans he is not an isolationist and “America is a beacon to the world.”
Delegates were cheering when they heard “Ron Paul has not dropped out.”
Kevin Hall in “The Iowa Republican” said “The new platform preamble is plagiarized from the Libertarian Party, while platform planks will change from supporting Israel to not providing any foreign aid to anyone, changing Iowa to a recall state like Wisconsin, and allowing the state legislature to pick U.S. Senators.
“Why in the world would we want to become a recall state? Their position on Israel goes against what a clear majority of the Republican Party believes.
“I gave A.J. Spiker the benefit of the doubt, but his actions prove that I was wrong. All three hires (Megan Stiles as the Communications Director, Steve Bierfeldt as the new executive director, and John Ferland as the organization director) are Ron Paul backers.”


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