Pamela Gorman: 2011 Winner — The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45

Pamela Gorman


Former State Senator Pamela Gorman of Arizona was first elected to the Arizona House in 2004. She advanced to the Senate in 2006 where she became the Majority Whip. She was best known for her efforts to pass one of the largest tax cuts in state history. She was an original co-sponsor of Arizona’s famous anti-illegal immigration bill. Gorman, 42, also insisted on greater transparency and regular audits of state agencies.
She led the fight to overturn former Governor Janet Napolitano’s payback to SEIU union bosses. With an executive order, Napolitano sought to force Arizona workers to accept Big Labor “representation.” In response, Senator Gorman helped to mobilize opposition to the initiative.
The president of the National Taxpayers Union said: “Pamela is a great fiscal conservative, hard worker, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is a champion of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty. ”
She was narrowly defeated in the 2010 Congressional primary by Rep. Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle.
Gorman did not win the primary but NBC named her TV spots as among the top ten political ads of the year.
She says “Being an elected official is not my heart’s desire, affecting public policy is.  And, there are a myriad of good ways to do that besides being elected.  My plan is to go forward in one of those ‘other’ ways now. I want to make a difference and have my life on this earth be one of purpose.  In the realm of politics, that goal is to see the conservative ideals of limited government and personal freedoms win out over the collectivist and socialist movement that is tearing away at our nation’s foundation.  But, the mode of elected office was always just a tool for accomplishing my goal of making a difference.  It gave me a vote on public policy as an Arizona legislator and a voice to inform citizens and to hopefully be a thought leader for the conservative cause. . .
“Voters didn’t say “no” to me because of my solid voting record or my remarks at debates.  All of that was well received.  Rather, the voters chose a well-funded candidate who they heard from frequently throughout the race because that candidate had a war chest of campaign cash with which to communicate regularly with voters.  Pure and simple.  Voters wanted what I represented, but they just didn’t know I existed because the money wasn’t there to reach out and tell them. . .
“It was a great experience being elected to my state legislature.  I like to believe I made a difference and set the standard a little higher . . . But unlike many candidates out there who recently lost their elections, I am not gearing up for another run.”
You can read more about the contest rules and background at: The 45 Most Admired Republican Women Under 45


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