Report From CPAC


CNN: “It was clear when Rep. Ron Paul took the stage that he was the reason many CPAC attendees were there. The day’s loudest applause greeted the Texas Congressman upon his entrance in the room.”

CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY RECEPTION: The main speaker said: “I can’t help but feel excited about the new generation at CPAC. The old guard of the Republican Party is dying and good riddance. They are simply mindless tape recorders who can not think for themselves. Ron Paul is now being supported by about 30% of Republicans, and a majority of his support is under the age of 40.”

RON PAUL’S SPEECH: The Congressman has never been known as an exciting orator but he was especially bad today. The applause was only matched by his poor performance. He is 75, and perhaps his age has caught up with him. I understood what he was trying to say because I have heard many of his past speeches, which are very repetitive. However, a new listener would have had real difficulty following today’s speech. He stumbled on his words, garbled many sentences, and lost his train of thought.

  • Even one his own supporters said “Did someone slip him some speed? There’s no way anyone understood half of what he said who hasn’t it heard before. Why can’t someone tell him to slow down. This speech was an opportunity missed.”
  • He referred to Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) instead of founding father Sam Adams.
  • He denounced the “lack of Constitutional authority for the police state.” In speaking of intervention by the Federal Reserve, he criticized them for spending $4 billion. He meant to say $4 trillion, and never realized he was making a mistake.
  • Paul received a thunderous ovation for denouncing the “American empire”: “Force doesn’t work and it never does.” Many people disagree with the Congressman including the Jews of WW II and the American slaves. The victims of genocide, ethnic cleaning, rape camps and millions of refugees would never support Ron Paul who has never cared about morality.
  • Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) speech demonstrates that he is also not ready for prime time.

THEY COULD HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT ME:  This is from todays Ron Paul Forum – “Did anybody notice the long faces on many of the old farts in the crowd as they see their numbers dwindling. As they watch where their party is going? The young people have caught on, but the old farts never will.

“Quite clearly the anti-war issue is THE issue, and it is going to continue to divide the party. Our numbers are growing, and the establishments knows their days are numbered.”

PATRIOT ACT:  Rep. Paul said this “has nothing to do with patriotism. They always name it the opposite of what it is. The Patriot Act is literally the destruction of the Fourth Amendment.”  Karl Denninger who describes himself as a Tea Party founder was furious that candidates identified with his movement overwhelmingly supported the Patriot Act:

This includes the “beloved” Alan West and Michelle Bachmann. They are lying sacks of crap. Every single one of them who supported the misnamed Patriot Act. Every one of these buttclowns would have been swimming in Boston Harbor – with the tea – were they alive at the time, having been correctly branded as British spies.

THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP:  Congressman Paul says he is fundamentally unsatisfied with the leadership of the Republican Party. Many of the CPAC attendees I spoke with appear to be yearning for a viable Libertarian Party so they can abandon the GOP.

Republicans are still working on an alternative budget, but according to Rep. Paul: “I’m doubtful there will be very many real cuts. They are not going to slash the budget. They don’t have the stomach for it. They will not cut one penny out of defense. Big government is alive and well.”

ISOLATIONISM: This was Ron Paul’s main theme. He attacked the “military industrial complex,” and said “It’s time for us to bring the troops home.” According to the Congressman: “The Founding Fathers talked about staying out of foreign entanglements when it’s none of our business.”  The Founders who fought the American Revolution were not at all similar to the anti-war and isolationist libertarians.

The American revolution was won at Yorktown but there were more French soldiers than American. We would not have won without foreign aid. Ron Paul says George Washington’s farewell address is his guiding principle. Washington’s advice was wise for the time period which covered the French revolution and the war of 1812.

We should not have been choosing sides between France and Britain which was the hallmark of the presidential campaign when he left office. Jefferson was viewed as being pro-French and Adams was seen as pro-British. Washington’s advice was excellent for his time, but not for all time. In a similar manner, he did not want political parties or a standing army. The Constitution of 1789 allowed slavery and women were denied the right right to vote.

GOPROUD: Al Cardenas, the new Chairman of the American Conservative Union, is indicating the gay group GOProud will not be back next year. Several social conservative organizations boycotted CPAC because of GOProud. One of those boycotting CPAC was Cleta Mitchell, the chairman of the ACU Foundation. Roger Simon of Pajamas Media said:

The GOProud party was as close to a game changer as things get and the most interesting event at CPAC by far. There was a boisterous, supportive crowd, and the party almost obliterated in one night the conception that Republicans are anti-gay. Pretty soon it may be cool to be a Republican and square to be a Democrat.

GOV. MITCH DANIELS (R-IN):  He gave the best speech and is always substantive. A Daniels-Obama debate would be a real threat to the President. He calls the EPA the Employment Prevention Agency.

I did not like his line about cutting defense spending, but he did not dwell on that point. Daniels would have a difficult time in Iowa which is a bastion of social conservatives. He wants those issues on the back burner.

FORMER GOV. TIM PAWLENTY (R-MN): “Mr. President, stop apologizing for our country. . . We need job growth, not government growth. America’s rightful place is not lagging behind China. America’s place is leading the free world.” The isolationists hated that line.

SEN. ORRIN HATCH (R-UT):  I admire him but was disappointed by his comments regarding TARP. The Senator is terrified of a Tea Party primary challenge and apologized for his 2008 vote. He let the audience believe TARP was a boondoogle. Hatch said: “All I can say is, there aren’t many people who will say I’m sorry. I’m one who will. I probably made a mistake voting for it.”
He did not tell them that all of the TARP funds will be paid back and the program will probably make a profit. Even that is not the important part. TARP saved the nation from a second Great Depression, and there is a huge difference between Bush’s TARP and Obama’s stimulus. Hatch is an outstanding conservative and it was disgraceful that the libertarians booed him.

SEN. MIKE LEE (R-UT): His isolationist rhetoric is a real disappointment. I hope we do not have to write him off to the anti-war lobby. Briefings for Lee should be a top priority for the national security community. He is obviously very vague on foreign policy issues.

REP. JUSTIN AMASH (R-MI):  If I had been told he was a liberal Democrat, I would have believed it. All of his comments about the Patriot Act and the surge are totally false. In all seriousness, House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is far better than Amash on national security issues. This is a sad situation because his predecessor, Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), was outstanding as the ranking Republican on Intelligence.  Amash will obviously do a great job for the ACLU.


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