More of My Profound Observations by Gregg Hilton


Francesca Messina, 52, Marianne Eggler, 52, and Ronnie Weil, 55. 

WOMEN ARE CLUELESS: Marianne Eggler and Denise Roddy were both popular at their recent class reunions. According to them, it was because they were able to find the perfect little black dress.

They are both smart shoppers and saved a lot of money. Denise snapped up a bargain dress for just $15, and in looking at the reunion photos I would have thought it cost $800. I was not surprised when Denise told me she received “tons of compliments.”

I hate to clue them in, but the attention they received from all of those men had nothing to do with the dresses. They could have worn another dress in any color or fabric. What made the difference? Marianne is 52 but looks 32, and I always thought Denise was 30. I was shocked to see she was attending a 30th reunion.

WILL THIS LAST?  My high school friend, the respected attorney Rich Bartmon, will be married in a month to the strikingly beautiful Rita Maria Ursini. All the guys are jealous of his good fortune, and it has been fun to see Rich so much in love. Photos have been posted of the happy couple gazing into each other’s eyes, kissing and displaying other lovey dovey-ness.

This morning he told us “how happy I am in my life now,” and spoke of her “intelligence, passion and kindness.” He enjoys buying her expensive shoes throughout Europe. Rich has hit the jackpot and this will be a very successful marriage, but I am skeptical of the shoe story. I should not be so cynical but a year from now I will send him this message: “Are you still so crazy about shoe shopping, and doesn’t she have enough already?”

SMART MOVE: It was announced this morning that the 2012 Democratic National Conveniton will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Obama carried the state the last time, and it is a must win for the GOP (the Libertarian vote provided the President with his margin of victory in both North Carolina and Indiana).

This was a smart move for the Democrats because North Carolina is the least unionized state in the nation. Charlotte has no union hotels which means the Democrats will save a bundle of money, and a lot less hassle. The convention will be held in the Time Warner Cable Arena which also lacks a union contract.

BARBARA BUSH: She was the UNICEF Gala co-chair for four years in a row, and the news media is today claiming Barbara is in sharp disagreement with her father on gay rights. Her new video says: “I am Barbara Bush, and I am a New Yorker for marriage equality. New York is about fairness and equality. And everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love.”

Barbara is very close to her parents and at UNICEF she cleared everything with them. I would be really surprised if the former President was not fully informed in advance of her video. Barbara’s position is now in complete agreement with former Vice President Dick Cheney and former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman.

CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS: The Grammy Awards will be held on February 13th, and similar to last year the telecast will be filled with ads featuring celebrity product endorsements.  Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymoore and Jessica Biel are all endorsing various brands of cosmetics.

The endorsements must work, and I can not claim to be immune. Over a decade ago the Prince of Wales visited Praque. Upon arriving at the British Embassy, Prince Charles was told they were unable to fulfill his request for Hellmann’s mayonnaise, which was then not sold in the Czech Republic.

They had Kraft mayonnaise, but that was not acceptable to His Royal Highness. A jet was then dispatched from London, and a Hellmann’s jar arrived the next day before lunch.

I thought the story was amusing, and relayed it to my sister Tara. Surprisingly, she fully supported Prince Charles’ action and said Hellmann’s was far superior. Since then I have always purchased Hellmann’s, but I have no idea if it is really better than the competition.

MEN ARE CLUELESS: It is also stunning to hear women such as Marianne and Denise saying they hope to find a date. What is wrong with you guys? I serve on a few non-profit committees and I am surprised by the number of highly desirable women who do not have dates.

Practically all of the guys in my age group are married but if you know of a great fiftyish tall guy in NYC or LA please pass him along. I have two fantastic women in mind.


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