Why Does Moveon.org No Longer Care About the Deficit?

This powerful and timely 30 second ad was produced by the liberal activist group Moveon.org. The ad harshly criticizes the Bush Administration for compiling a $1 trillion debt. The spot shows a series of children working blue-collar jobs and ends with the line: “Guess who’s going to pay off Bush’s $1 trillion deficit?” The ad was shown during the 2004 presidential campaign, but it is far more relevant today.
Moveon wanted to spend $1.6 million to show this 30 second ad during the Super Bowl. Back then the deficit was less than 1% of our GDP, and future generations will have to pay the huge Obama  debt.
The arguments made by Moveon.org in 2004 when the deficit was $1 trillion were valid. They are even more valid today when we are looking at a $10 trillion debt. Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND), the Chairman of the Budget Committee, says the Obama budget is “unsustainable.”
The $9.6 trillion 10 year deficit figure is from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The immediate past CBO Director is now Obama’s OMB Director, and the President quoted the CBO in practically all of his debates last year. The situation is even worse than this because the CBO tells us rising unemployment and declining tax revenue means the surplus in the Social Security Trust Fund may vanish next year, nearly a decade ahead of schedule.
There were 50 hours of Senate debate this week on the budget. Democratic Senators Nelson, Bayh, Landrieu, Begich, McCaskill, Carper, Lieberman, Bennet, Shaheen and Hagan all came out against the Obama budget and they have now cut in half the proposed increase in domestic discretionary spending. The budget may pass by a simple majority tomorrow but I am glad the above Democrats are promising further reductions to cope with our massive deficit.


One thought on “Why Does Moveon.org No Longer Care About the Deficit?

  1. A charming guy, handsome too – with the looks of an actor, and destructive ideas (his mind was not always there) set the country on a financial (and other) path which was popular with the narrow and shallow people who were not good thinkers(also called the majority). He was followed on and off by people who had similar thoughts and this eventually culminated in the mother of all economic seizure. Unfortunately it requires a lot of gas to restart this type of seized economic engine. Since the land of the rich has little gas of its own and gets lots of gas from the land of the people with funny eyes they have had to spend a LOT of cash to start their engine(they want their economic engine to be the best in the world). So now they have a big deficit trying to correct (hopefully successfully and soon) the mess caused by those popular illiterates.

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